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Shooters' requirements and their reasons for fitting silencers differ.  Customized to your specific needs, The dB Silencer range will muffle your firearm's report and significantly reduce recoil.  By eliminating the muzzle flip to a certain degree, your accuracy should  improve.

Precise fitment is critical for the optimum and safe performance.

Silencers and accessories

Designed inhouse, our suppressors retard the speed of propellant gasses from the cartridge that rapidly expand and rush out of the barrel.  The series of internal baffles slow these gasses so they are not all released at once, thereby muffling the sound.  What remains is a report that measures much lower than a firearm's normal sound level.  (For reference, 30dB is the equivalent of a whisper; 90 is a squeeze toy; 125 is a balloon popping; and 160 is a shotgun or rifle firing.)  Many times accuracy improves with a suppressor due to more favourable harmonics and better shooting promoted by lower recoil.


Our design does not affect the velocity of the round once it leaves the barrel.  The shot placement remains the same after removing the dB range, and refitting the products. Should our silencer not improve the grouping, the result is most likely to be caused due to the rifle not making sufficient provision on the floating of the barrel to accommodate the added weight of the silencer. This problem occurred on a number of occasions and was solved by increasing the float of the barrel (highly dependant on the type of support used).


If you have a reasonable grouping on a high recoil firearm our products improve accuracy by 35% on average.


Our Silencers are manufactured from 6082 Aluminium.  All aluminium components are Hard Anodised. The first baffle is a Stainless steel baffle with the option of having a second aluminium baffle for extended durability. All thread inserts and Muzzle Brakes are manufactured in Stainless Steel and double-blacked to military specifications. The exterior of the silencer is Gunkoted to Military specification for the most durable finish.

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