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Arca clamps are designed to take advantage of ARCA rails for long-range shooting. ARCA rails were invented by the German company ARCA Swiss in the 1990s and are known for being versatile and adjustable. Arca clamps can integrate with other equipment, such as bipods, and allow for the use of a variety of accessories. Here are some different types of Arca clamps:


  • APW Clamp

    This clamp system integrates with Atlas Bipods and includes a Picatinny rail for compatibility with other hardware. Reviews note that it offers a secure connection and enhanced versatility.


  • ARCALOCK Clamp

    This clamp is made from 6061-T6 aluminium and 303 stainless steel and can attach to a rifle in up to four places for stability. It also has serrated rail sides that mechanically lock the clamp in place. The ARCALOCK Clamp works with all standard ARCA/1.5″ dovetail rails, including the Xylo chassis ARCALOCK rail. It also bolts directly to most Atlas bipods and Thunderbeast bipods. One review notes that the clamp's two-stage screw design allows for rapid movement when no tension is applied, but switches to a higher thread pitch for extra torque when the clamp is under tension.


  • MRAC

    This clamp from Seekins Precision is designed to be adjustable without tools, allowing shooters to quickly adapt to their environment. It's made from 6061-T6 and has an anodized coating and integrated MLOK slots.

  • Lead Time

    Two weeks for custome order

R1 526,00Price
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