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BBG - NF#2 - O13

BBG - NF#2 - O13


  • ADDED LENGTH: 242mm
  • WEIGHT: 730g


•    Materials used:
Our Silencers are manufactured from 6082 Aluminium of which all aluminium components are Hard Anodised. The first baffle is an EN19T steel baffle. All thread inserts and Muzzle Brakes are manufactured in EN19T steel and double-blacked to military specifications. The outer of the silencer is Gunkoted to Mil-spec for the most durable finish. 

•    Most frequent answers to questions:
Our design has a negligible effect on the velocity of the round once it leaves the barrel, and the shot placement remains the same when removing and refitting the products. Should our silencer not improve the grouping, the result is most likely to be caused due to the rifle not making sufficient provision on the floating of the barrel to accommodate the added weight of the silencer. This problem occurred on a number of occasions and was solved by increasing the float of the barrel (highly dependent on the type of support used).


If you have a reasonable grouping on a high recoil firearm our products improve accuracy by 35% on average. 


Due to the variation in measurement of sound and recoil, we choose not to publish our test results at this stage until a test can be conducted with competitor products on the same day, temperature, firearm, ammunition measurement distance and then compare results done by an independent 3rd party. Our product performs exceptionally well and we do not want to advertise numbers that will be compared to others which were tested under different conditions.


With our in-house testing done to date, we compare exceptionally well against the opposition products. We stand by our product and our test results show a significant difference compared to the products available.

Follow us on Facebook, we are on the range often. Come see hear and feel the difference.

•    Products:

NF#2 (Ø 50mm)with the reflex added is our most effective product with the most recoil and sound reduction and it is recommended for any Magnum rifle. NF#2 without the Reflex attachment is highly effective on 30-06 and smaller calibres. (.22 > .375) Reflex attachments are available to further improve the sound suppression and recoil.


NF#3 (Ø 44mm) is less effective but suitable up to 30-06 with highly satisfactory results. (.22 > 30-378) Reflex attachments are available to further improve the sound suppression and recoil.


NF#4 (Ø 38mm) is the smallest diameter of our range suitable for up to 30-06 but recommended for small rifle calibres to obtain effective noise reduction (.22 > .260).


•    Service:
Please note that we include the first 500-shot service free of charge exclusive of shipping.
Thereafter a service every 1000 shots is recommended @ R350 per silencer (This excludes shipping and replacement of damaged parts)

High-wear items are to be replaced at 2500 shots 30-06 and larger should they be exposed to extremely high temperatures on a regular basis.

Services are only to be done by BBG Engineering in order to ensure that your product performance is maintained at the highest levels at all times.

    R5 500,49Price
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