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MDT Chassis - ACC - Defiance XM - Rimfire - RH - GRY

MDT Chassis - ACC - Defiance XM - Rimfire - RH - GRY


The Adjustable Core Competition (ACC) Base Chassis by MDT was designed in collaboration with hardcore competition shooters, and arrives ready to be customized to the user’s preferences. To ensure perfect balance, the ACC is equipped with an integrated M-LOK weight management system to allow shooters to finely-tune the chassis’ weight and balance point. The forend can be outfitted with both internal and external weights – the internal weights can be installed by inserting them into the forend and screwing them in place, and the external weights are attached via M-LOK attachment points. This allows the weights to be installed without taking your barrelled action out of the chassis. Aside from weights, the M-LOK attachment points can be used to further customize the ACC with accessories such as spare round holders, data cards, and other M-LOK compatible accessories.


Another customizable feature of the ACC is its XTN interface, allowing the user to install MDT’s Skeleton Rifle Stocks (SRS) series. The SRS can be finely tuned to the user’s desired length of pull and cheek height, some models (such as the SRS-X Elite) can be modified with additional weights for better balance, as well as other accessories such as bag riders and adjustable thumbwheels. Should the user prefer utility over adjustability, MDT’s XTN to Carbine Stock Adapter can be attached. The Adapter accommodates MDT’s line of Carbine-style stocks, and is compatible with any stock that uses an AR15 buffer tube interface. The ACC also accepts all of MDT’s pistol grips, but any AR15-style grip can be used as well. In addition, the ACC Base Chassis features a 17 inch ARCA rail, and an aggressively textured barricade stop.



  • CNC Machined from 6061 Aluminium
  • 17" of available ARCA/RRS dovetail, with retention screw so that accessories don't fall off mid-stage
  • M-LOK pattern attachment system on all 3 faces of the forend
  • Accepts most AR-15 pistol grips, but designed with the MDT Vertical Grip in mind
  • Mag latch limiter to prevent over camming and pinching of magazines
  • Uses the proprietary ESS buttstock interface
  • Free floating barrel channel with removable end cap for interior weight installation and adjustment
  • Trigger adjustment slot of R700 single stage triggers
  • Will accommodate barrels up to 1.350" diameter
  • Compatible with AICS style magazines

    SKU 104454-GRY
    R28 899,60Price
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